Studies in List Format

For those who want to cut to the chase, here’s a list of studies with a brief description. The links go directly to the download site in Dropbox.


  • Determined? – These 8 sessions are a distillation of Discovering God but in very broad brush-strokes. Designed for people without the luxury of time. Includes journal prompts.
  • Discovering God – Series of 28-30 sessions from Genesis to the life of Christ. For those without church background.
  • Re-Discovering God – Just over 30 sessions from Genesis to the life of Christ with more options. Ideal for Discipling new believers or Training others
  • Talking to God – These 15 sessions start with the basics of prayer and lead to “Greenlight Topics” – things you can always ask God.
  • A New Life  Four studies bringing our greatest need into focus. Recommend this following one of the other Introductory Series like Discovering God.
  • A New Walk  Twelve sessions to help you find Scripture to steady your daily walk and provide a compass. The Micah 6:8 Series.
  • John’s Gospel Account The Unique Gospel full of God’s heart and love for you. Thirty-three sessions.


  • About Ruth… The short book of Ruth in 4 sessions. Doesn’t use the typical 3-column format.  Nevertheless, the gems are there for you to discover no matter where you are in life.
  • A Look at Maturity In 12 sessions, various passages with different authors and varied examples. Ends with the five-point hermeneutic for rightly handling the Word.
  • Ephesians – The Letter Written as 5 sessions, but can be done in 10. Learning to walk and stand because of where we are in Christ. Updated to work with Facilitator Cards.
  • Introduction to Psalms A collection of 15 Classics taken from the 150. Refreshing and heart-felt. Springboard for worship. Prepare to be delighted.
  • James’ Letter In 14 sessions, James’ take on maturity and walk of faith comes to life. So worth it.
  • Making Decisions In 5 sessions, discover principles of God’s guidance and see how the Disciples approached decision making.
  • Rejected.Joseph of Genesis These 5 sessions have the added bonus of using journaling to start a conversation with God that may be long overdue.
  • Spiritual Inventory These 7 parts offer us a unique self-evaluation. Focusing on raw honesty with God. May not want to do with a group, but with group accountability to complete it.  “Very helpful” according to one user.
  • Nine Startling Facts about The One (who will declare himself to be deity). Eight pages with nine insights.


  • Essential End Times Series of 5 or 10 sessions based on the Public Domain study by Kristen Wisen. It uses a discovery type of method, but not the 3-column. Scriptures for marking are integrated with the study for 38 pages. Focuses on aligning key scriptures around one single, key event and watching the pieces of the puzzle come together! The Dropbox also includes the option to download an 8 page Bonus Study: Nine Startling Facts about The One (who will declare himself to be deity).
  • Discernment while it is not officially complete, the 10 sessions that are complete are valuable for sorting out chaff from the wheat. A type of discovery format with outside material from You may be surprised how good it feels to sharpen your focus on the basics.

Current as of 11/7/2021