Studies in List Format

For those who want to cut to the chase, here’s a list of studies with a brief description. The links go directly to the download site in Dropbox.


  • Determined? – These 8 sessions are a distillation of Discovering God but in very broad brush-strokes. Designed for people without the luxury of time. Includes journal prompts.
  • Discovering God – Series of 28-30 sessions from Genesis to the life of Christ. For those without church background.
  • Re-Discovering God – Just over 30 sessions from Genesis to the life of Christ with more options. Ideal for Discipling new believers or Training others
  • Talking to God – These 15 sessions start with the basics of prayer and lead to “Greenlight Topics” – things you can always ask God.
  • A New Life   Four studies bringing our greatest need into focus. Recommend this following one of the other Introductory Series like Discovering God.
  • A New Walk  Twelve sessions to help you find Scripture to steady your daily walk and provide a compass. The Micah 6:8 Series.


  • About Ruth… The short book of Ruth in 4 sessions. Doesn’t use the typical 3-column format.  Nevertheless, the gems are there for you to discover no matter where you are in life.
  • A Look at Maturity In 12 sessions, various passages with different authors and varied examples. Ends with the five-point hermeneutic for rightly handling the Word.
  • Ephesians – The Letter Written as 5 sessions, but can be done in 10. Learning to walk and stand because of where we are in Christ.
  • Introduction to Psalms A collection of 15 Classics taken from the 150. Refreshing and heart-felt. Springboard for worship. Prepare to be delighted.
  • James’ Letter In 14 sessions, James’ take on maturity and walk of faith comes to life. So worth it.
  • Making Decisions In 5 sessions, discover principles of God’s guidance and see how the Disciples approached decision making.
  • Rejected.Joseph of Genesis These 5 sessions have the added bonus of using journaling to start a conversation with God that may be long overdue.
  • Spiritual Inventory These 7 parts offer us a unique self-evaluation. Focusing on raw honesty with God. May not want to do with a group, but with group accountability to complete it.  “Very helpful” according to one user.


  • End Times Series of 4 or 8 sessions based on the Public Domain study by Kristen Wisen. It uses a discovery type of method, but not the 3-column. Companion pages are available for marking up. Focuses on aligning key scriptures around one single, key even and watching the pieces of the puzzle come together!Includes an 8 page Bonus Study: Nine Startling Facts about Antichrist.
  • Discernment while it is not officially complete, the 10 sessions that are complete are valuable for sorting out chaff from the wheat. A type of discovery format with outside material from You may be surprised how good it feels to sharpen your focus on the basics.

Current as of 8/17/2017