The Creative Team

Seeking a simple way for people to handle the Word of God for themselves, MarkUp Discovery was developed after years of exploring other study methods.

NOW, people can come away with their own insights and discoveries!

Together with our small group of friends, we have used MarkUp over ten years and are very excited about the results.  Even though we have walked with the Lord for almost all of our adult lives, these studies enable us to see new, fresh Truths as the Holy Spirit highlights them, and yet they are also accessible to ones opening the Word for the first time. The timid can gain confidence as they are given tools.

We sincerely hope these studies using the  World English Bible, WEB™ , a Public Domain version, help you as you explore the Word of God together with your friends.

Jon & Leah

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Jon & Leah Davis

Jon and Leah live in Texas and are parents of three grown children.

Leading, coaching or participating in small groups since college, they have used many different methods and materials and been trained in methods ranging from
Navigators to Precepts to CityTeam’s iDisciple.

Feel free to contact us with your questions