Statement of Faith

The Bible  –  The Scriptures are God’s inspired and infallible Word, the basis of all truth and the essential guide for knowing God through faith and knowing how to please Him. It can be used to interpret itself and contradictions can be resolved with further study. It is to be read with Customary understanding, in Context, Comparing passages with other passages, resolving Contradictions and Considering that prophecies may have multiple fulfillments.
(See the study A Look at Maturity)

The Holy Trinity  –  We believe that there is one God, eternally coexistent in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The Father is the head, the only one knowing the time of the Son’s return. The Son, Jesus, came to earth in accordance with the Father’s plan and has returned to heaven.  The Holy Spirit, the Comforter and Counselor promised to believers, came when Jesus left.
(See the study Re-discovering God)

The Deity of Christ  –  Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, is the only Savior of all mankind. We believe in His virgin birth, in His sinless life while in a human body, and in His substitutionary, atoning death through His shed blood for anyone who will trust in Him. We believe in His bodily resurrection and in His physical return to heaven where He now sits at the right hand of the Father. In the future, He will visibly and personally return to earth in power and glory to judge the world and be glorified in the whole earth.
(See the study Signs of the End Times.)

The Holy Spirit  –  The Holy Spirit infills believers and empowers their obedience, holy living, and passion for the glory of God.  He also prays for believers. He works with people to help them see their need for God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and their need to turn from sin.
(See  A Look at Maturity, or Re-Discovering God)

Salvation  –  Man without Jesus Christ is spiritually dead and without eternal hope. We believe that the only spiritual hope for a person is to personally trust the Jesus who came to this earth from heaven, lived a perfect life while in a human body, was crucified for sin, and rose from the dead – demonstrating the power of God for Life over death. By the grace of God and faith in Jesus, a person becomes an eternal child of God when they turn from sin and run back to Him – seeking forgiveness. Salvation is demonstrated by a life of obedience to the Word and disciple-making.
(See Discovering God, Re-discovering God, or For the Determined)

Faith and Obedience  –  It pleases God for us to trust Him and live according to His ways. Rewards are promised for acts of obedience done in faith but they are not the means of salvation. Salvation is free to us because of Jesus’ work on earth.

Prayer  –  We believe that prayer is vital communication with God where we offer thanksgiving and praise. It is a way to talk with Him about our needs, our temptations and our sins. Prayer is a way to seek guidance when used with His written Word. We believe prayer is usually to be offered in a natural conversational style using sentences and phrases reflecting our heart and mind – as modeled by Jesus, Paul, other key figures in Scripture, including the psalmists.
(See the studies: Talking to God and Introduction to Psalms.)