What’s Different?

Maybe you’ve read the Bible before and talked it over with friends.  Maybe not. Our goal is to understand what is being said to us and do so in a group context that helps us grow. For that reason, we strongly encourage using the group format listed in Great Tips

The passages are printed for you with spacing to mark words or ideas. We use the World English Bible (WEB™), a Public Domain version, which enables us to do this without cost. They are bundled with a worksheet which, most of the time, can be done during  the study.

To help as many people as possible – the format is pretty much the same every time the group meets. That way participants in one group can go start a group with other friends and acquaintances and the network of Bible-readers-and-doers will continue to grow.

And in Reading His Word and Doing what He asks,
we will understand Him better
on the other side of our obedience.

Discovering God

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