Do you know The Story?

“Tears streamed down her face as she wrote. Our small group had underlined and circled specific words as we read Psalm 100 out loud. Now, after three years of working through MarkUp Discovery Studies, and finding the God of Scripture was indeed different than the God of her childhood, “Janet” was putting Psalm 100 in her own words. A few minutes later each person shared their own re-write. As “Janet” shared hers, we suddenly knew the reason for the tears.Read more

Does Marriage Matter?

Years ago June was associated with brides. In ancient times it was connected with gods and goddesses. It also made it easier for an agrarian culture to welcome a new life to the family in the following spring before planting or harvesting began. Today, many couples finish their formal coursework, complete their degrees and then… get married! Over time – the “June Bride” became “a thing.” However, what if God has different ideas about marriage, than we do? What ifRead more

Change Happens – but God IS…

Our life is in turmoil right now…as if a Tornado struck – A move to another state is in process.  Decisions of sell v. pack v. pitch are moment-by-moment realities. Every where we turn there is something to organize and re-organize.  Furniture is shifted to move a piece out to the shipping container, but then everything has to be shifted again so it will look good for buyers. This goes, but that stays – but they’re both here until theRead more

Looking for Treasure?

“…the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found, and hid. In his joy, he goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field.” Matthew 13:44 WEB Spring is a wonderful time to go out exploring.  Having a map to the hidden treasure is especially exciting! Wishing your life had a map as well?  Know someone who would like a map? MarkUpDiscovery is pleased to announce two new studies that enable youRead more

Deciding what to Study?

Here it is August already!?! Are you facilitating a small group this fall? Thinking about what to use for material? MarkUp Discovery now has 4 Introductory studies, 8 Intermediates and 2 Advanced to choose from. And you can see the list all at once on our new page!  Looking for short studies to get acquainted with MarkUp Discovery? Check out these: Determined?   8 sessions for exploring the Christian life – no holds barred .Introductory About Ruth…  5 sessions, not the typicalRead more

Living Faith

Welcome!  If this is your first visit to MarkUp Discovery, please look around the site. You may want to start with an Introductory study (Use the filter in the upper right to find them quickly.) And check out What’s Different & Great Tips But maybe you’re looking for some way to get a handle on how to walk in faith; how God shapes an enduring,  Living Faith. If so, this fourth blog is perfect for you! We are announcing three Intermediate studies: Decision Making     FIVE sessions  Letter from James Read more