Does Marriage Matter?

Years ago June was associated with brides. In ancient times it was connected with gods and goddesses. It also made it easier for an agrarian culture to welcome a new life to the family in the following spring before planting or harvesting began. Today, many couples finish their formal coursework, complete their degrees and then… get married!

Over time – the “June Bride” became “a thing.”

However, what if God has different ideas about marriage, than we do? What if He’s trying to communicate something Big, even Grand?

What does His word say about it? Find out with this four-page look at key passages.

Check out Why Marriage?

ALSO – try our New Tool:
Handling the Word. It will help you be a Berean with seven ways to filter information.

Jesus told us not to be deceived. Let’s follow through on that idea, studying to show ourselves approved as part of the Bride.

God’s Best to all of you!

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