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Exploring Scripture can be very exciting with a small group of people. Each one sees something different and everyone is richer for sharing their discoveries! It’s so engaging, you’ll want to meet every week. In fact, we urge you to meet every week!

〈By the way, be sure to read What’s Different

Using MarkUp, my husband and I with our small group of friends, have found it helpful to read the Bible passages aloud as we mark. The ancients used to read aloud, and we are cheating ourselves if we don’t do it, too!  Sometimes a different version needs to be read to gain better understanding. Sometimes we check a dictionary.  Then we stop and begin writing our own observations and responses down on the worksheet. When everyone is ready*, we begin to share  using question #2 and on. (See below.)

Facilitating the group can be done easily with the set of time-tested questions below which are available in printer-friendly formats of 3×5 cards or whole page. If someone has a burning question that is “off the page or topic” we write it down and discuss it after the study is completed.


A – Please start by Giving Thanks for one thing

B – Then share one thing stressing you

C – What happened when you tried to do something as a result of the Scripture we looked at last week?

D – What happened when you tried to share about the Scripture we looked at last week?

~~Pray as the group understands it and needs it.~~


1 Read aloud and Mark  Then check, “Does anyone want it read in a different version?”  Then begins quietly jotting down observations and responses on their own work sheet. 

2 – THEN…SHARE:  In your own words, what happened in this story or what is being said in this passage?

2a. (Optional) -What is one thing you like about this story or passage?

2b. (Optional) -What questions might someone have about this?
 (We don’t answer these questions, just ponder them…)

3 -What do we learn about God or Yeshua (Jesus) or the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit)?

4 -Please share what you learn about people from this?

5 -If the passage is about a topic, what do we learn about it?

6 -If this is true, what are you going to do this week as a result of what we have read in Scripture?

7 -This week, whom could you tell about this passage?

8 -Does anyone have needs we can meet as a group?

*We have learned when people can write their own thoughts down before others share, they are able to remember their unique observations and feel valued as they contribute.

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