The Essential End Times Package

Overwhelmed and cross-eyed by the many books and documents written about The End Times? The Essential End Times Package is for you. In the End Times Study, you build a timeline from the key passages, key verses that everyone needs to know. Then you can recognize the events as they unfold in real-time. NEXT, work through the Nine Startling Facts about The One who will declare himself to be the Supreme Deity. Then you will be able to follow Jesus’ warning not to be deceived!

Once you see these passages line up,
You’ll never “un-see” them

Some of the exciting features are that The Study information and Scriptures are all in one print-out now! In the process of integrating the two, I also found better ways you can work with the information to make it easy to understand and easy to remember.

In addition, by expanding the End Times Study from four sessions to five, each session has a focus but can be split in half if needed. Altogether it is just 38 pages of clear, interactive explanations of the essentials – and you are working directly with the Bible passages.
Click on the photo to download both End Times and the Nine Facts right now!

If you’ve not done the Nine Facts about the One who will claim to be the supreme deity you will want the fresh version. We’re now releasing it as a separate study with its own portfolio and image. Discovering these facts from key Scriptures will help you grasp more fundamentals. Keeping the focus of this study on this one key person helps simplify the overall end-times topic. And it’s only eight pages.
Click on the image to download this study right now.

Perhaps you only have 10 minutes to turn your mind to this topic or want an overview?
Then check out our video!

All God’s best to you in these challenging times, and may you love Jesus at His Appearing!

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