Are These the End Times?

Now, more than ever, our thoughts are distracted by world events. Never mind The Virus – all eyes stray to the U.S. Presidency – AND the Middle East with all the peace accords that were signed. Are these the “Covenant with Many” mentioned in Daniel 9:27?

It’s all very unsettling. Of course people wonder if these are the End Times.

We can’t answer that question definitively for anyone. No one will know until we see ALL the signs. But we can offer you some help by way of our free, downloadable End Times study as well as the New Video below.

Choose The Study and use your own Bible, OR download The Companion pages as well, and mark them up. Either way, you’ll find great insights into the key events. Also available at the download site is another download Nine Facts about the Antichrist.

Below is a 10 minute video we’ve created on the topic for a quick overview to encourage more study.

We’re happy to answer your questions. Please write us through the website. Thanks!

Are THESE the End Times?

All God’s best to you in these challenging days!

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