Change Happens – but God IS…

Our life is in turmoil right now…as if a Tornado struck –
A move to another state is in process.  Decisions of sell v. pack v. pitch are moment-by-moment realities. Every where we turn there is something to organize and re-organize.  Furniture is shifted to move a piece out to the shipping container, but then everything has to be shifted again so it will look good for buyers.

This goes, but that stays – but they’re both here until the showings are done… or the last container is to be shipped…   WHAT??!

But the God of All Creation doesn’t see the turmoil without seeing the end result. He rests above the fray: unchanging, perfectly balanced mercy and justice, perfectly regulated power and gentleness. He knows we will get our stuff to our new home and settle into His Next Chapter for our lives.

How can I keep my focus on Him in this whirlwind that feels more like a tornado? I pulled out my 3×5 cards with a “verse for the week” design.  Maybe you’d like them?  It’s a simple concept.  Write down a verse from the Sunday sermon or a Bible reading or even a topic of need and review it each day.  Below the verse or maybe on the other side of the 3×5, write the insights and any guidance from the Lord as you meditate on the verse.

Not familiar with meditating on a verse?  One of the easiest things is to emphasize a different word each day and see what a focus on that aspect of the verse brings to your understanding. It’s really the “other side” of Discovery Study.  We can discover words and circle them, but the real riches of God’s word is discoverying the ideas coming from His heart to ours!

Want to hold on to God in the Tornado? Grab ahold of a verse and hold on to it for the week.  …oh and He led me to Hebrews 13:5 WEB  It speaks to me on so many levels.


Mmmm…  I needed that. I SO needed that. What does He have for you?  Let me know what He has you meditate on this week.

As we Discover More of Him,


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