Do you know The Story?

“Tears streamed down her face as she wrote. Our small group had underlined and circled specific words as we read Psalm 100 out loud. Now, after three years of working through MarkUp Discovery Studies, and finding the God of Scripture was indeed different than the God of her childhood, “Janet” was putting Psalm 100 in her own words. A few minutes later each person shared their own re-write. As “Janet” shared hers, we suddenly knew the reason for the tears. Her voice broke as she read her own words…”

Introduction to MarkUp Discovery

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Today, it makes no difference to people if they are being told the Words of God. They will dismiss others’ statements because others hurt them in the past.

All the more reason for enabling people to be Fully Engaged
Hearing God from His own Words.

MarkUp Discovery enables us to make a memories about a verse or passage so it becomes a part of our lives. We can remember it because we use so many senses and learning styles as we engage with Scripture. It’s different. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but then, doesn’t everyone love to make their own discoveries and own the Truth for themselves?

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All the Best to you as you Discover God from His own Words!

Jon & Leah

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