Living Faith

Welcome!  If this is your first visit to MarkUp Discovery, please look around the site. You may want to start with an Introductory study (Use the filter in the upper right to find them quickly.) And check out What’s Different Great Tips

But maybe you’re looking for some way to get a handle
on how to walk in faith; how God shapes an enduring,  Living Faith.

If so, this fourth blog is perfect for you! We are announcing three Intermediate studies:

Decision Making     FIVE sessions 
Letter from James   FIFTEEN sessions
Paul’s Ephesians...  FIVE to TEN sessions

All these deal with the nitty-gritty of living out our faith.

MarkUp Discovery allows you to work with the Word of God for yourself with wide-spaced verses from the World English Bible (WEB™.)

As you listen to His leading, follow through with the Action He’s speaking to you, you’ll be rewarded with a deeper faith, a deeper understanding of God, and a closer walk with Him.

Isn’t that what we all want?  More of Him?

Please take a moment and sign up at the bottom of the blog page to be notified of the next study uploads.

And ALL God’s Best to you as you Discover Him!

Jon & Leah

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