Deciding what to Study?

Here it is August already!?!
Are you facilitating a small group this fall? Thinking about what to use for material?

MarkUp Discovery now has 4 Introductory studies, 8 Intermediates and 2 Advanced to choose from.
And you can see the list all at once on our new page! 

Looking for short studies to get acquainted with MarkUp Discovery?
Check out these:

AND we have 2 new studies in the line-up:

  • Discernment currently has 10 parts and will have more added to it.  This is an advanced study and takes some serious thought. But it will seriously sharpen your saw…  Modified discovery format.
  • Spiritual Inventory is 7 parts, best done privately, but in conjunction with a group. Due to its very personal nature, it may be best to do the intensely private work at home and then have general discussion about the segments in a group, encouraging accountability.

Finally, if there’s something you’d like to see, message us!

All God’s Best to you as you discover Him!

Jon & Leah


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